Sustainability at Shakespeare Distillery

Shakespeare Distillery is an independent artisan spirit producer located on the Drayton Manor Farm estate on the north western edge of Stratford upon Avon. They also have a shop in Stratford town centre with an upstair 'Rum School'. 

Shakespeare Distillery are proud to be a carbon neutral distillery. In 2022 the distillery was officially certified as a Carbon Neutral Company, and their aim is to minimise their environmental impact and become a truly sustainable business. 

With the help of ClimatePartner, the distillery calculated their carbon footprint. This gave them a plan showing where they could make immediate positive change; where they needed to plan further and how they could offset emissions that they couldn’t reduce straightaway.

The distillery's two stills, and one fermenter are heavily insulated making them highly energy-efficient. They use less energy and water than traditional styles and run on electricity (rather than gas).

The distillery uses as little packaging as possible and they make sure that the packaing they do us is as sustainable as possible. All spirits are bottled, labelled, sealed and distributed from the distillery building by hand.

The distillery also operates a refill system where customers can bring back their empty 50cl bottles and refill them at a discounted rate to encourage the reuse of glass bottles.

All of the distillery's deliveries are made in their electric van which has helped to further reduce their emissions.

The distillery has further reduced their CO2 emissions by over 30% since becoming carbon neutral and the aboce measures are just a few of their successful sustainable practices. Learn more about their journey to sustainability here.

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