Telegraph Hotel's committment to a best practice approach to carbon footprint

The Telegraph Hotel in Coventry are committed to a best practice approach to their carbon footprint. As part of this commitment they are members and accredited by the Green Tourism scheme.  The hotel strives to continuously reviewing methods on how they can improve the impact they have as a business on the environment.

CO2 Emissions

As part of an ongoing commitment to improving their footprint, and thanks to additional controls put into place as well as efforts made by guests and stakeholders, as of September 2023 the hotel has reduced their year on year carbon emissions by 6.7 tonnes

Everyday Practices

  • 98% of the building is LED lighting, with sensor lighting in public areas, store cupboards to reduce the wastage of energy when not required.
  • All printers are set for double side printing
  • Recycled paper is used for admin printing
  • Walk in shower in replacement of baths to reduce water usage
  • Individually controlled bedroom heating and air-conditioning to avoid heating unused areas
  • All unused equipment and PC’s are switched off when not in use
  • Ongoing Environmental awareness and training during company staff induction
  • Bulk purchase to reduce deliveries, locally sourced produce and products where possible
  • Replace bed linen every third day on long stay guests unless requested
  • Reuse of towels unless requested for guests staying longer than one day
  • Weekly monitoring of utilities consumption to determine where reduced consumption could be made
  • Use of concentrated chemicals to reduce the use of packages and deliveries
  • Paperless procedures in place to reduce printing and paper usage
  • Use of refillable toiletries for the guest bathrooms to reduce waste, plastic usage and deliveries


  • Use of local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 helping the environment
  • Relationship with local farm purchasing specialty cheese for our menu
  • Use of fairtrade products where possible
  • Seasonal menu changes around easy assessable products “British Grown”

Waste Management

  • Grease traps and service contracts on water waste to prevent oil contamination
  • Managment contracts with oil wate company to ensure safe disposable
  • All recyclable materials are separated and recycled to reduce sending to landfill
  • Food waste is disposed of separately
  • Batteries and printer cartridges are disposed of separately and safely


  • Maps are available at reception to encourage travel by foot around the city and local attractions
  • Where possible public transport is prompted to guests for mean of travel to the hotel and during their visit

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