Sonnet 12


Sonnet 12: When I do count the clock that tells the time



When I do count the clock that tells the time,

And see the brave day sunk in hideous night;

When I behold the violet past prime,

And sable curls all silver’d o’er with white;

When lofty trees I see barren of leaves

Which erst from heat did canopy the herd,

And summer’s green all girded up in sheaves

Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard,

Then of thy beauty do I question make,

That thou among the wastes of time must go,

Since sweets and beauties do themselves forsake

And die as fast as they see others grow;

And nothing ‘gainst Time’s scythe can make defence

Save breed, to brave him when he takes thee hence.


The Artist: Zoe Power

Zoë Power is a Bristol based mural artist and illustrator. She works around the UK, painting huge walls to create unique and much-loved landmarks.

With a background in printmaking and signwriting, Zoë has developed a distinctive way of working that blends traditional painting techniques with punchy, graphic imagery. Her unapologetic use of colour breathes life into concrete cityscapes, spreading smiles and joy amongst passers-by. Zoë’s figurative work aspires to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and humanity. Themes in her artwork touching upon connection, community and feminism.

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